BCG Pro Newsletter: 28th March 2024

Thursday 28th March 2024


BCG Pro meet-ups

BCG Pro meet-ups

Fancy meeting us and other comedy creatives, over a relaxed drink? We will be in Bath on Friday 5th, London on Thursday 18th, and Liverpool on Wednesday 24th. See our events page for our plans for later in the year too.

Latest features

The Comedy Doctor on meetings
The Comedy Doctor on meetings
A member wonders whether they should meet a producer in person or on Zoom.
Beat it: Creating beats when writing comedy
Beat it
We discuss beats: what they are, how they work, and their role in the writing process.
Luck versus hard work
Luck versus hard work
We bust the common misconception that success in the comedy industry is all down to luck.
Baby steps
Baby steps
We present a practical approach to building a comedy career.

Training Courses & Workshops

The online course How to Write Your Own One Woman Show starts on Monday 8th, and Write Funny! Characters, Scenes, Story begins Wednesday 10th.

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Sitcom Mission
Sitcom Mission
The final deadline for this comedy writing competition is exactly one month away.
BCG Pro Talent Awards: Production
BCG Pro Talent Awards: Production
Just over a month left to submit a video or audio project you've worked on.
Short Com TV Sitcom Writing Competition 2024
Short Com Sitcom Competition
The early bird deadline for this competition is 22nd April.
Channel 4: Commissioning comedy apprentice
Channel 4: Commissioning apprentice
A 15 month apprenticeship with Channel 4's comedy commissioning team, starting January 2025 for a school leaver or someone without a degree.

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Features from our library of insightful content.

Jokes without words
Jokes without words
A podcast discussion about dialogue-free comedy.
Gabby Hutchinson Crouch: Don't kill your darlings, just rehome them
Don't kill your darlings, just rehome them
Gabby Hutchinson Crouch addresses rejection in a comedy writer's life and not giving up.

"Write every day. 1000 words. They may be rubbish but it's a discipline because, like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you become." - Jan Etherington

Wishing you a wonderful and creative Easter break!

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